Imports - Canada to Nigeria

Import gifts, parcels and deliveries
from Canada to your doorstep in Nigeria.

On your parcel, please make sure you include veestore in your name. i.e first name, last nameVEESTORE.

  • Service located in Quebec
  • Items dispatched every Friday
  • Delivery timeline: 10-12 working days to your doorstep
  • Handling flat fee – 6,000 naira
  • Delivery fee: $11.10/kg (USD)

Kindly note:
- The delivery fee is for Lagos only. Delivery to other states will incur additional charges from Lagos and takes an extra 2-3 working days to your doorstep in the other states in Nigeria.
-You can shop from different stores without incurring extra charges.

Click the button below to pay the flat handling fee (₦6,000) and get the CANADA delivery address.

Your Details

Kindly note that if your Nigerian delivery address is not properly filled, your parcel will not be sent out for delivery when the item arrives our Lagos office. We will assume the item will be picked up from our Lagos office.

Delivery Details

By clicking the proceed button below, you agree to our terms and conditions for imports below. Please take a few minutes to read and understand them.